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An ongoing list of all the hardware I’ve gradually acquired. Links are to Amazon, but if you are patient most things can be imported from China for much cheaper.

Want to get started in home automation for cheap? Check out my $200 DIY Smart Home Shopping List to get started with a great foundation of hardware for use with Home Assistant. Control devices over WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared, Z-Wave, Zigbee, RF, and build some basic sensors Рall for less than most kits from one proprietary vendor!








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9 Replies to “My Smart Home: Hardware List”

  1. Scott says:

    That house diagram… what software is that?

  2. Skep says:

    Hi again Brad, are you solely using MiLight bulbs and the Hub to bridge your lights into HASS?

    As for the Ikea gear, how are you getting that into HASS? Using the MiLight hub as well?

  3. Hasse Kirkegaard says:

    I’m working with a lot of the same things as you, milight, bh1750, Raspi and xiaomi.
    One of the things I’m stuck on right now is getting the bh1750 to work on my raspi.
    I’ve enabled I2C, cabled it to raspi, created a file – and this is where i’m stuck. When i try to run the file, I get errors. could you perhaps share your file, so I can see if there’s a difference between them..

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