Self Hosting: How to Get Free and Cheap Linux Virtual Servers

I try to avoid the cloud in favor of self-hosting the services I use. Then I know my information is private, and I can tailor them to suit my needs. I do run some services at home on my network, but my local internet service is pretty slow. So my solution is to run services like VPN, Owntracks Recorder, and this blog on a virtual private server.

Even if you don’t have any grand plans, you could host something simple like Pi Hole to block all ads on your devices – even your phone.

The same economies of scale that make cloud computing so ubiquitous and cheap also work in our favor if we are willing to administer a Linux server ourselves. Here are some cheap, and even free, ways to get your own server.

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Hello world!

Hi I’m Brad and I like to tinker.

A year or two ago I decided I wanted to sharpen my technical skills, and also use more open source software in an effort to move away from depending on ‘the cloud’ and all that entails.

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Kit and pretty much haven’t stopped playing with it since. Since all of the things I’ve learned have been the result of the generous people who have written their own blogs, forums posts, or github issues sharing their solutions I decided it was time to document my own projects.