Big List of Useful Home Automation Nodes for Node-Red

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An ongoing list of nodes I have found useful for constructing home automation flows. I have not included device platform nodes, as all state tracking and actions are performed in Home Assistant.

Useful Home Automation Nodes

actionflowsPackage flows into reusable functions that can be looped, prioritized, and benchmarked
change-detectDetects change in payload based on time and value. More configurable than the default rbe node.
dashboardCreate custom, live dashboards.
home-assistantThe one to connect them all.
interval-lengthMeasure time between messages
stoptimerA timer that can be reset or stopped.
looptimerA simple timed loop.
momentConvert, format, and add or subtract dates or times.
mysqlInteract with a SQL database
owntracksConvert Owntracks GPS signal to a usable form.
python3-functionFunction node to use Python instead of the default Javascript
simple-message-queueQueue messages
suneventsTrigger for solar events.
statisticsSimple statistics
state-machineA state machine based on your parameters
time-range-switchFilter messages based on a time range.
timecheckCompare a given time against the current.
trafficUseful logic node, creates a 'traffic light' that forwards or drops messages based on it's own state (red or green).
geofenceHighly configurable geofence, based on a radius or draw your own.

Ex: Improving Presence Detection with Node-Red
googleGoogle calendar, directions, & geocoding information.
worldmapHighly configurable custom map
watsonWatson artificial intelligence analysis nodes

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7 Replies to “Big List of Useful Home Automation Nodes for Node-Red”

  1. Karolis says:


    Great list and great website! 🙂 Really inspired me to use Node-RED and I think by now it helped me to automate lots of small tasks.

    Have a look at my new node: Once the node is deployed and connected, it becomes trivial to receive and process webhooks without exposing Node-RED to the internet. Example:

  2. […] also have a look at the page from DYIfuturism with even lager list of Node-RED […]

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