Month: January 2018

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Setting Up Let’s Encrypt with Node-Red & Home Assistant

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Privacy is important in the smart home, and one of the primary reasons to use Home Assistant is because it is totally under control of the …


More Nodes for Home Automation: state-machine, actionflows, dashboard, statistics

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I’m keeping a running list of useful nodes I’ve found for home automation. Here’s a couple of more I came across recently in the Node-Red library. …

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Going Further with Home Automations in Node-Red

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In my last post about using Node-Red to make automations with Home Assistant, I showed some very simple flows for turning lights on and off. While it …

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Useful Sensor: Cardinal Wind Direction for Home Assistant

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As someone who cycles to work most days, I keep a pretty close eye on the weather. One thing I like to know is which way …

Self Hosted

Self Hosting: Setting up a Personal Wiki with DokuWiki

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One of the most useful things I self host on my server is a personal wiki. I use it for note taking on projects, a journal, …