Big List of Useful Home Automation Nodes for Node-Red

An ongoing list of nodes I have found useful for constructing home automation flows. I have not included device platform nodes, as all state tracking and actions are performed in Home Assistant.

Useful Home Automation Nodes

change-detectDetects change in payload based on time and value. More configurable than the default rbe node.
home-assistantThe one to connect them all.
interval-lengthMeasure time between messages
stoptimerA timer that can be reset or stopped.
looptimerA simple timed loop.
momentConvert, format, and add or subtract dates or times.
mysqlInteract with a SQL database
owntracksConvert Owntracks GPS signal to a usable form.
python3-functionFunction node to use Python instead of the default Javascript
simple-message-queueQueue messages
suneventsTrigger for solar events.
time-range-switchFilter messages based on a time range.
timecheckCompare a given time against the current.
trafficUseful logic node, creates a 'traffic light' that forwards or drops messages based on it's own state (red or green).
geofenceHighly configurable geofence, based on a radius or draw your own.

Ex: Improving Presence Detection with Node-Red
googleGoogle calendar, directions, & geocoding information.
worldmapHighly configurable custom map
watsonWatson artificial intelligence analysis nodes

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